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Covid-19 Medical Glove Donation

Updated: May 20, 2021

2020 was the year of pandemic. It was challenging for all of us. Schools were shut down and a lot of people lost jobs. Very sadly, the pandemic took 565,000 lives away in our country.

Thanks to scientific advancement, in January 2021 the vaccinates became available for frontline medical workers who worked 24/7 to save many lives. Los Angeles County has over 10 million people and is the largest county in the United States. We learned that the County did not have enough medical gloves to support the vaccination. My family and I have been safe and healthy under the pressures of COVID-19. To express our gratitude, my sister and I decided to raise funds and to help in buying medical gloves for Los Angeles County.

Along with many friends and family’s support, my sister, Daniel and I were able to raise enough money to buy medical gloves. In February 2021, we donated one million of medical gloves to Los Angeles County!

We hope these gloves will help to further vaccinations and save a lot of lives. Eventually the 10 million people in Los Angeles County will be all on the path for returning to “normalcy”.

I’m glad that I can help this community and make a positive impact in this way. I would like to thank my sister, Cheery Chen, Mary Su, Daniel Hou, supervisor Barger, and everyone involved for letting us make this donation.

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