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Covid-19 Medical Glove Donation

Updated: May 20, 2021

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. COVID-19 ravaged nations worldwide, and millions of victims and their families suffered from the effects. Many people lost their sources of income and their livelihoods. The pandemic forced us all to self-quarantine, and society became more isolated than ever.

Now that vaccines are being produced and distributed, we can finally begin to recover from this devastating pandemic. However, in order to give out these vaccines, front-line medical workers must wear gloves. This is how we decided to start fundraising for a glove donation to Los Angeles County hospitals.

We agreed that the best way to start making the world a better place was to start small, with our own community here in Los Angeles, and saw it as a way to give back to the community. We found others that believed in our vision who were glad to put money into our cause, and eventually, we raised enough to purchase a whopping one million medical gloves.

When we finally reached our goal, we were amazed at what we had accomplished because when we began, we had never expected to make such a difference and donate so many gloves.

Thanks to each of our donors, each member of our organization, and Supervisor of Los Angeles County Kathryn Barger, we were able to accomplish our goal and give back to our community that has been affected so heavily by the pandemic. We are glad that our vision for this project has come to fruition and hope to do more good in future projects!

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Keep up the good work ! People like you are God's way of making the world a better place !

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